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About CiderHawk

Ross Erickson grew up on a small produce farm in Suisun Valley, Ca, a place once known for vast fruit and vegetable production. Suisun Valley has recently gained notoriety for exceptional wines, and although grapes have graced this region in recent memory, Ross was drawn to continue his family’s legacy through apple orcharding.


Sometime in early fall of 2011, he got the wild idea that it would be fun to smash a few apples and try to turn them into “wine, but from apples.” The first experiments were interesting to say the least, but an idea was born, and a dream followed. One gallon of hard cider turned into two, and two turned into five, and so on. He was hooked on the curious process of fermentation and hard cider production.


After countless hours of playing scientist and sharing his homemade creations with friends, he decided to invest in his hard cider education and obtained a few certifications in hard cider production. After several cider-making classes and certifications were under his belt (and lots more unrefined cider was passed around to curious friends), he decided it was time to make the jump. With the help of his wife, Bri, and family, CiderHawk was born.


CiderHawk focuses on making fruit forward hard ciders that are made from blends of local apples. The fruit has been allowed to hang on the trees to reach peak ripeness the natural way, which noticeably carries over into your glass.


At CiderHawk, our mission is simple. We bring people together with a delightful craft hard cider to be enjoyed with festivity and friendship. We ride the line between a beer and a wine, and have created a beverage anyone can enjoy. It’s a timeless drink that can be poured all year long, with lots of smiles, laughs and good conversation.


It’s been a hell of a ride so far and we are excited to be here to share our small-batch craft hard cider with you!


Join us on this craft journey, and Drink Hard Cider!


Ross Erickson

Owner and Cidermaker


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